Mike's Star Wars Campaign

A Bad Decision

From Rook's Log

After dividing up the credits from our latest job, we split up to do some shopping. The Captain decided to upgrade to a new ship. He ended up getting a new ship called The Grinning Wolf. It’s a decent upgrade from our current ship and will allow us to haul more cargo on a single trip.

Rhynn Kehaar reported back to the council everything we went through while at Malachor V. He was given new orders to investigate the fate of Reven and Malack.

Gleb “Semyon” Vorotaev was approached by his Republic handler about getting a team together to infiltrate a Sith ship and obtain some data from the ship. They wouldn’t give him specific details about the mission until he had his team assembled. So Gleb asked the rest of us if we would be interested in taking the job and we agreed to meet with his contact about the job.

So we went to his meeting, which happened to be in a run down warehouse district in the lower levels of Coruscant. Several of us wondered about the choice of meeting but went prepared for trouble. And Trouble we found.

We got to the meeting point and the time of the meet came and passed. I asked Gleb if it was normal for his contact to be late, and he said he was never late. With that I said we were leaving and we circled around to leave a different path than we came. And that is when we found him. Gleb’s contact was lying dead, a blaster bolt through his chest. We search the body but don’t find anything special.

Again we decided to leave, not wanting to be found carrying weapons standing over the corpse of a Republic Officer. Why we didn’t take the corpse with us or just call the authorities I don’t know, but that would have been the smart thing to do. Hell even just leaving without doing anything would have been smarter, but instead, Gleb did what he did. I don’t know his reasoning, maybe he thought, no body no murder to investigate, like I said I don’t know his reasoning. He just pulled out his disruptor pistol and vaporized the body right there. And then we left.

We didn’t get far before we saw large view screens reporting the murder of a Republic Officer, and video of him being disintegrated. By Gleb. Fuck.

We hurry up and try to make our way to the ship but we find the ship surrounded by Republic soldiers. Gleb manages to slip away in the crowd before we get too close, but the rest of us get caught up by the soldiers. They demand that we hand over our weapons and that we are under arrest. There are a few tense moments several of us refuse to turn our weapons over to them. But eventually we get them to stow our weapons on our ship and go with them to be questioned about the murder of a republic officer.



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