Mike's Star Wars Campaign

A Ship in the Rough

From Rook's Log

After our short delay we were back in hyperspace on our way to Malachor V and before long we were there. We had all heard about the battle and devastation that took place at Malachor V, but none of us were prepared for what we saw. Thousands of ships had been fighting over the planet when the world was destroyed, and by the looks of it nothing on or above the planet survived completely intact. Our jump landed us right on the outer edge of the debris field and Karael had to use his skills behind the controls to prevent us from colliding with the larger pieces of debris.

While surveying the debris field we picked up a distress signal from an escape pod. We moved in to investigate the pod and found that it was too damaged to risk docking with, so we instead brought it into the cargo hold. We proceeded with caution as the damage to the pod prevented us from being able to contact whoever was inside and opened the pod with weapons ready.

Inside was a human male, who stated his name was Gleb, he was armed but at our request left them in the pod when he came out. Looking at the pod more, we determined that it came from a Mandalorian ship, which set myself and Rhynn on guard. Further investigation reveals that the pod is from Mandalore the Ulitmates ship. I question Gleb about what he was doing on that ship. He states that he had a job to get on the ship and retrieve some information. He said that he was not working for the Mandos, we believe him but some of us still don’t trust him completely.

We continue through the debris field and find a lot of good items for salvage, some disabled droids, ship engine parts, and weapons being most of what we collect. While searching we come across a large ship that appears to be undamaged, though it is mostly powered down and no signs of life. The ship is a design that none of us recognize and there are no markings on the ship to signify its affiliation. Seeing additional chance for profit we decide to check it out and see if it is abandoned.

We move in and dock with the ship, its docking bay is open and an automated dock procedure brings us in for docking. Once docked, several droids move in and appear to be servicing the ship. There are several other ships in the docking bay, a couple of shuttles and half a dozen fighters. We recognize the fighters as Sith Interceptors, but despite this we decide to investigate further. There are no people in sight, only a bunch of maintenance and lifter droids working on the other ships.

We leave the ship to take a look around and see if we can’t find out more about this ship. We head to the main doors to the hanger were we see the droids are coming from. Along the way, LE-1T and Xavar stop and one of the shuttles that is being loaded by a lifter droid. Xavar tries to access the onboard computer but find the access is locked, he tries to gain access but initially fails and makes no additional attempts to access, in fear of setting of any security alarms.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group is going to check out the room off the hanger where the droids are. Getting close, we are able to spot some Sith soldiers stationed in the room. We take cover, hoping that we were not spotted. Gleb on the other hand, immediately activates his stealth generator and vanishes from sight.

Gleb proceeds to sneak into the room and access a computer terminal. His access is limited but he is able to pull up the repair logs for the work the droids have been doing. He sees that the there have been several other shuttles that have come and gone, besides the two that we saw in the hanger. With that he decides to head back to the rest of the group.

At the same time, LE-1T is working on disabling the turbo-lasers on the shuttles to prevent them from attacking us, if it comes to that. Immediately after finishing on the second shuttle, it takes off and crashes off to one side of the hanger doors, causing the atmo shield to flicker and the blast doors to start closing.

When the main blast doors start closing, the blast doors for the room Gleb was in also start to close. Gleb quickly flies through with his jet pack narrowly getting through before they clamp shut.

We all start rushing back to our ship to get out of here. As we are running, Sith soldiers start rushing out of other doors into the hanger. I cover our retreat opening fire on the Sith as they charge us. Several people get to the ship quickly only to find that the engines are disabled, next we find that the ship’s weapons are also disabled, preventing additional fire power support from the ship. The droids that we assumed were servicing our ship, were instead disabling it.

Rhynn and I are the last to make it to the ship. Rhynn uses his mastery of the force to throw one of the huge lifter droids into a group of Sith soldiers, taking them out of the fight. Other soldiers retaliate and concentrate fire on Rhynn and suddenly he isn’t looking so good. I tell him to head for the ship and I will cover him.

Meanwhile, LE and Gleb begin work on repairing the engines and weapons of the ship. Kal’Nin comes out to support me in fending off the on coming Sith. They must be greenies, because they can barely land a solid hit on either of us. It doesn’t take long and we have cleared the Sith that rushed out to us. At the same time we hear the ship’s engines start up. It’s time to go, so we rush back to the ship.



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