Mike's Star Wars Campaign

An Unexpected Hyperspace Drop

From Kal'Nin's Log

Word has reached Coruscant that the war is over. The Mandalorians suffered a major defeat at Malachor V, and it’s said that the destruction is unbelievable. We’ll soon find out, the Captain says he’s worked out an excellent deal for salvage work there.

It looks like we won’t be making the trip on our own. Captain acquired a new droid, thank the Stars Rook’s repair work has been scary and costly. It looks like the Jedi are also interested in what exactly happened out there, as Jedi Rhynn Kehaar will be joining us on this trip.

The journey is under way, should be a quick trip.

Something wasn’t right, LE-1T claimed that tools were moving about the ship, and Rook was hearing foot steps in the night. When added with the enigmatic power draws that had been seen it appeared that we had a stow away. The Captain ordered a search of the ship.

LE-1T headed for the engine room to see if he could figure out where the intruder was hiding based off of where the power was being drawn. The rest of the crew started a systematic search of the ship in the hopes of flushing out the intruder.

The search proved fruitless until we reached the engine room, and found LE-1T powered off. Rook and I went for our weapons at the same time, and found ourselves in the dark with the familiar lurch of dropping out of hyperspace.

Rook produced a light and drew blaster fire, Rhynn Kehaar used the force to throw loose tools at our attacker and disabled its stealth field. This left a set of glowing red optics for me to train my cannon on. And that was that.

Then the ship came under fire, this was going worse than last time. The Captain and I ran to the cockpit, leaving LE-1T to Rook so LE-1T could get to the engines. Once in the cockpit we found 3 capital ships, one was pulling us in on a tractor beam. The Cap’ did his thing and we were running, things were slowly coming back. LE was back up but focusing on another issue, and sent Rook and Rhynn to the escape pods. One of them was welded shut. They started in on that while the Cap kept us running and LE ran down what needed fixed, the hyperdrive and weapons; and we were being caroled toward a forest moon. No time for a jump.

LE got weapons up just in time to fend of the fighters that were coming in. We took a torpedo hit in atmo, but the Cap’ got us in and found a safe place to touch down. The quick run down was that the droid was an HK. It killed the hyperdrive, cut the weapons (LE hacked them together), took sub-light down on a timer, set both escape pods to launch on a timer (we lost one, the other was planned to go after we peirced the hull trying to get into it. LE kept it from launching) and loaded a bug into our computer. LE, Rook, and the Cap set to work. Ryhnn and I setup outside.

After a few hours we were up and moving. And running. All we had to do was break the gravity well before we got caught. It was close but we made the jump, and had to come out fast. The bug got into the nav system. Another hour and we were able to get going again.



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