Mike's Star Wars Campaign

The Name of the Day

Crazy is the name of the day; we take out an interior blast door, attack ground troops, and collapse passages with ship weapons. After we take out the blast door we take out the Sith troops and the officer within. LE-1T sets about using the ships systems to efficiently steal from the ship, reap havoc on the Sith ship, and preparing it for our escape.

As we’re making our get away 2 Sith Battle Cruisers drop from hyperspace just as a Republic Battle Cruiser drops in. The Sith open fire on the Republic, both start deploying fighters. Rhynn Kehaar senses that the 2 new Sith ships are important to his mission. We make it out with a few close calls.

Once back at Coruscant the Capetian meets with his contact and sells off what we don’t claim as our own.



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