Gleb "Semyon" Vorotaev

The seemingly average, completely forgettable, human being.


Scoundrel 2/Scout 4
HP: 52
Base Attack: 4
Speed: 6
Languages: Basic, Binary, Huttese, Bothan

str: 10
dex: 17
con: 10
int: 16
wis: 13
cha: 10

fort: 17
ref: 21
will: 18

trained skills: climb, deception, endurance, initiative, jump, mechanics, perception, pilot, stealth (skill focus), survival, use computer

talents: dastardly strike, blend in, hidden movement

feats: shake it off, skill focus – Stealth, skill use – Deception & use comp, point blank shot, precise shot, far shot, deadeye, weapon prof – pistol, rifle, simple

items: electro binocs, halo lamp, bandolier, e-cell x10, p-pack x10, power recharger, hip holster, repulsar boots, arakyd hush about jetpack & 10 fuel cells, bracer comp, stealth field generator, security kit, Enhanced targeting scope, cred chip, ship suit, small long range comm link, camouflage poncho

credits: 123,269

weapons: incendiary rifle, sonic disruptor, sonic rifle, hold out blaster pistol, heavy blaster rifle


Gleb stands 1.8 meters tall and weighs in at 160. With average length brown hair and green eyes. He is white and has no tattoos, piercings, or scars to identify him by.

Gleb’s talent is gathering information and items. He is known by several bothans, who jokingly say “you are a bothan inside”. He’ll get in and get out, taking as few risks as possible. He writes down everything he think might be even remotely useful. How many exits does a place have, tables, chairs, windows, etc. If he can get to a computer, he’ll download everything he can off of it and sort through it later.

While Gleb has no allegiance, he has people he’d prefer see in power, and will do his best to make sure he doesn’t harm them too badly in the long run.

While Gleb is perfectly capable of crawling around between the walls inside of buildings to get around inside of them, his favorite tactic is to dress up like a janitor, and just walk inside. When asked “why a janitor?”, he’ll generally reply with “Janitors are easily forgotten, rotate often enough that a new one isn’t surprising, and are allowed into every room in a building. Besides, their carts can hold rifles and I already own the suit for it. Those things aren’t cheap.”

Gleb "Semyon" Vorotaev

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