Rhynn Kehaar

Miraluka Jedi Sorcerer


Level 7 Jedi, Level 1 Force Adept

Jedi with strong abilities in use of the force, particularly telekinetic powers. Silver hair and fair skin, standing nearly 2 metres tall. Wears modified archivist robes that are primarily white, with gold and purple trim. The bandanna that covers his eyes and the sash tied at his waist match the trim of the robes. Wields a lightsaber with a black blade that seems to draw in all light.

Str: 11
Dex: 11
Con: 16
Int: 12
Wis: 16
Cha: 12

Hp: 85

DT: 24
Fort: 24 = (10 + 8 + 2 + 3 + 1)
Ref: 22 = (10 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 2)
Will: 26 = (10 + 8 + 4 + 3 + 1)

BAB: 7

Force Points: 13

Dark Side Score: 1

Skills: Initiative ( +9), Perception ( +12), Use the Force ( +15)
+3 to activate powers with the [Telekinetic] descriptor if dark side score is <1 using Use the Force

Feats: Weapon Proficiency (Lightsabers, Simple), Force Sensitivity, Force Training (x3), Skill Focus (Use the Force), Force Boon, Improved Defenses

Talents: Telekinetic Power (CR 100), Move Massive Object (L 55), Telekinetic Savant (CR 100), DR 10 (CR 101), Fore Talisman (personal lightwhip, +1 to REF, CR 214)

Force Powers: Move Object [x3 (CR 98)], Balistakinesis [x2 (L 53)], Malacia (C 51), Force Light [x2 (J 25)], Thought Bomb (J 28), Force Whirlwind (K 51), Shatterpoint (C 52), Repulse (F 87)

Weapons: Personal Lightwhip ( +7, 2d4 +3, 2sq reach can use trip or pin without feat; see J 53; Provides +3 bonus to all force powers with the telekinetic descriptor as long as Rhynn has a dark side score of 0)
Lightsaber ( +7, 1d8 +3)

Languages: Basic, Miralukese, Falleen

Items: Personal Lightwhip, Lightsaber, Long-Range Wrist Comm. Link, Credit Chip (118,000), Binder Cuffs, All-Temperature Cloak, Cortosis Gauntlet, Utility Belt, Shard of Ashla lightsaber crystal (homebrew, equipped)

Note: Force Sight ability (K 16)

Born on Alpheridies, Rhynn was an orphaned by a great sickness and taken in by the Monks of Ashla (light side). As a child, Rhynn showed great force talent in the monastery; frequently moving objects and endearing himself to the brothers, the brothers began to watch him more closely. Having shown stronger than normal ties to Ashla, the brothers contacted the masters on Dantooine to administer the basic tests and scans to admit Rhynn into the jedi training academy. The brothers gave to Rhynn a special color crystal1 for his lightsaber when he left them as a memento of his home world and as a reminder of the lessons he was taught on Alpheridies. After spending his first year with the order, Rhynn was sent to Coruscant to continue his training at the primary temple. After his third year at the temple, the masters had taken a strong notice to Rhynn’s strength with the force, and began to focus his training. As the years progressed, Rhynn spent more and more time in the archives studying with the archivists in the different methods of manipulating the force and strengthening his telepathic abilities. When the Mandalorian War broke out, Rhynn greatly desired to join the outcasts against the growing Mandalorian threat, but did not desire to become an outcast himself. This inner conflict cased Rhynn to withdraw deeper into the archives and away from the galaxy. This withdrawal began to worry the masters, so they sent Rhynn to Falleen as an adviser to the military to help defend the planet against possible threat. Rhynn eventually became the jedi ambassador to Falleen during the war, frequently utilizing the services of Karael and his ship for transport across the stars. After the war Rhynn was removed from his ambassadorial post by the masters to be replaced by a member of the council and to continue his training on a relatively solo basis.

**Much of this needs to be fleshed out still, but it’s a start.
1Explanation for his black lightsaber, no actual game play value, just fluff.

Rhynn Kehaar

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