Arkanian Offshoot Outcast Smuggler Pilot


Level 7 Scoundrel
STR: 8
DEX: 20
CON: 12
INT: 14
WIS: 10
CHA: 12

Hp: 44
fort: 18
ref: 24
will: 18

Threshold: 18

Heavy Blaster:
+11 Standard
+12 Point Blank
+12 On any starship
+13 point blank and starship
+1 more for adjacent enemy, plus 1 damage die (ranged only)
+2 more to attack for -5 to reflex defense

Reroll lowest damage die-must take reroll

Damage: 2d8+3 (3d8+3 for adjacent enemy)

Heavy Repeating Blaster Pistol:
-5 to above attacks. Same damage. Autofire only

Heavy Sonic Blaster Pistol:

Same as heavy blaster

Pilot: +20 Minus size mod (currently -10) + ship dex (currently 5) = 15

X-Acrobatics: 13
Climb: 2
X-deception: 9
Endurance: 4
Gather info: 4
Init: 8
Jump: 2
X-Know. Bureaucracy: 10
Mechanics: 5
X-Perception: 8
X-Persuasion: 9
X-Pilot: 18 with mods
ride: 8
Stealth: 8
Survival: 3
Swim: 2
Treat Injury: 3
use Computer: 5
use Force: 4

Point Blank Shot: +1 attack in PB Range
Weapon Focus-Pistols: +1 attack
Sniper Shot: +2 attack for -5 reflex
Assured Attack: Reroll lowest damage die
Zero Range: +1 additional attack when adjacent. +1 damage die on hit.
Precise shot: No Penalty for shooting into melee

Spacehound: Proficient with starship weapons, no penalties or negatives for low or no G environments.
Starship Raider: +1 bonus while on a starship. Effects ALL weapons
Hyperdriven: once per day, add class level to one attack, skill, or ability check. only on starship.
Deep Space Raider: once per encounter may use EACH of these.

1. As a standard action- attack, on hit, enemy ship must move full speed to a non-adjacent space or disengage from dogfight.

2. As a Full round action- Move your speed, take one attack during the movement. If you hit and deal damage, all of that ships weapons take -2 to attacks on me until the end of my next turn.

3. Make attack against enemy ship and deal damage- a. 1 weapon doesn’t function. OR b. target’s shields become 0. OR c. target’s speed reduced to 2. Until end of my next turn.


Karael is an Arkanian genetic experiment. He and his “brethren” were created to be the elite pilot core of the Arkanian fighter squadrons. From the very beginning, he knew that he was considered second class. All through pilot training, non-engineered Arkanians received all of the better instructors, ships, and marks, even if their flying was worse.

Karael wanted to prove himself a better pilot and pushed himself to the limits, barely sleeping or eating to spend more time in simulation, learning not only fighter combat, but also transport ships and even some capital ship controls.

His hard work paid off, and earned him a position in the Space Corps. Arriving on his designated cruiser, he immediately was cordoned to the aft portion of the ship, by the engines. Given a small room that he had to share with four other Offshoots, he started to question if he was really in the “elite” of the flying corps. He found out, when missions started to come in. He was never able to fly a mission, but was able to clean out cockpits, load weapons, and serve drinks to the pure-blood Arkanian pilots. His nerve snapped, and one day, he snuck into the hangar, fired up his favorite jump-enabled fighter, and plotted his way to the outer rim of the galaxy.

His escape was detected however, and the combat air patrol sped to intercept before he could jump. He was forced to engage in a duel with three attacking fighters. He quickly dispatched the first one with a concentrated blast of lasers, and did a quick roll and dive to evade the other two that were converging on his position. He managed to severely damage the second fighter, knocking it out of the fight, and the third decided it was best to just let him go.

Fear of getting caught made him sell the fighter, for a horribly low cost, with its astromech droid on tattooine. Karael arrived on Tattooine and found work as a co-pilot for a large shipping (smuggling) vessel used by the Hutts. His prowess at the helm led him to eventually run his own small ship, the vagrant. After several missions for the Hutts, and more on the side, he was able to pay off his ship outright and be out from under their supervision. However, he still runs many shipments for the Hutts.

Karael slowly replaced his crew with people he could trust not to slit his throat in his sleep.


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